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Bus tickets Paris! Book them now and enjoy the city of love




Want to have some fun at a bus tour, but got no idea where to go? Try France! With the great prices for bus tickets to Paris, FlixBus makes it possible to spend some quality time in the capital of love at an affordable expense. Whether you're after the grand, elegant character of Paris, or want to see for yourself just how intimate the hidden corners of this city are, just book bus tickets at FlixBus and you're good to go. The offer concerns a bus trip from London to Paris.

Getting around the city is really easy. Public transportation in Paris is excellent and provided with the metro, buses, bicycles or even boats! The fastest way is by underground, but we suggest you try to book a bike in Paris. There are 1800 bike stations situated in the most convenient parts of the city, so you will have no problem finding a bike, and you can even book online. The first 30 minutes of every trip are for free!

Cycling through the city offers a great opportunity to visit the best attractions in Paris, like Louvre, a famous museum to which no other comes close. It’s near the Palais Royal–Musée du Louvre Station. Admission costs € 15, but we suggest you buy a Paris Museum Pass, to gain unlimited access to all best museums in Paris. That’s a reasonable price for getting to see Leonardo Da Vinci’s La Joconde, also known as Mona Lisa!

Cathédrale Notre Dame is one of the top attractions in Paris. It’s really close by – just ride your bike across the Pont Neuf bridge, turn to your right into Quai des Orfevres and keep going straight ahead. With over 14 million visitors each year, this place is really well-known. And the best thing is, it's a free attraction in its main part, with only the entrance to the tower costing € 8,50 and into the treasury € 2. You won't find a better example of the French Gothic architecture anywhere else.

After you’re done visiting Notre Dame, we suggest you try the famous brioches in Goût de Brioche restaurant, led by Guy Savoy. It's in the Monnaie de Paris complex: cross the Petit Pont, and keep going right untill you see Rue Guénégaud, and turn into it. Eventually you will have to turn into Rue Mazarine on your left, and that’s it. They serve the best French food in Paris − their stunning brioches are not something you can easily forget! They cost € 4-7 each, which is a reasonable price.

Finally, if you love the nightlife of Paris, then we suggest you visit the area of the Moulin Rouge − however, you better book it online beforehand, as it runs out of tickets pretty fast. This traditional French cabaret will surely mesmerize you with all the beautiful dancers, sequins, and feathers! Nearby you will also find the best clubs in Paris.

Paris has plenty of good hotels to provide pleasant and cheap accommodation for its visitors – we’ve found a great one for you, right near the Quai de Bercy, where you will be leaving the bus. You can book it here online and enjoy your bus tour to the capital of love.

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