Privacy Policy

Article 1.  Definitions
1.1.  In this Privacy Statement the following definitions are used:
  a.  Topdeals4Travel: the User of this Privacy Statement: Gate4Travel BV acting under the name “Topdeals4Travel”, registered at Deventer, the Netherlands, Daniël Ruynemanstraat 13, and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under “KvK” number 62716913;
  b.  User: the natural person who uses the Website and/or the services of Topdeals4Travel;
  c.  Website: the Website that is operated by Topdeals4Travel.

Article 2.  Data
2.1.  Conscientious use of data is essential to Topdeals4Travel. In processing data Topdeals4Travel will act in accordance with the applicable legislation and regulations.
2.2.  In case User uses the Website through an external account (Facebook, Twitter, Outlook or Google) Topdeals4Travel will process the following data: first name, family name, email address, date of birth, gender and profile picture.
2.3.  If User creates an account through the registration form on the Website, Topdeals4Travel will process the following data: first name, family name, email address, date of birth and gender. User may upload his own profile picture at the profile page.

Article 3.  Purposes of data processing
3.1.  Topdeals4Travel collects and processes the data for the following purposes:
  a. providing its services;
  b. improving content on the Website and travel offerings and improving the Website experience;
  c. keeping User informed of news on Topdeals4Travel and the services it provides, in case User has subscribed to the newsletter of Topdeals4Travel.

Article 4.  Unsubscribing from newsletters
4.1.  Newsletters are sent to User by email. User may at any point in time unsubscribe from newsletters.
4.2.  User can unsubscribe from newsletters on the newsletter page of the Website by providing his email address.
4.3.  Each newsletter sent to User will inform User of the possibility to unsubscribe from newsletters.
4.4.  In case User has unsubscribed from newsletters Topdeals4Travel will remove the email address of User from its mailing list as soon as possible.

Article 5.  Provision of data to third parties
5.1.  Topdeals4Travel will not provide data of User to any third parties unless one of the exceptions referred to in article 5.2 applies.
5.2.  Topdeals4Travel is allowed to provide data of User to a third party:
  a.  in case User has expressly approved of that;
  b.  by virtue of a legal provision or in case of a legal procedure;
  c.  to protect the rights or property of Topdeals4Travel;
  d.  to prevent a crime or to protect national security;
  e.  in case of suspicion of fraud or other illegal activities;
  f.  if necessary for the performance of the Agreement or for processing User’s request for an offer.

Article 6.  Correcting data
6.1.  Upon request Topdeals4Travel will give User access to all information of User retained by Topdeals4Travel. In addition to that Topdeals4Travel offers User the possibility to have any incorrect information of User retained by Topdeals4Travel corrected or deleted. User may contact Topdeals4Travel for inspection of the data referred to above or for modification or deletion of the data of User.

Article 7.  Cookies
7.1.  Cookies are simple, small text files that are stored on the hard disk or in the memory of the computer of User. Cookies do not contain personal data of User.
7.2.  Topdeals4Travel uses cookies for the following purposes:
  a.  to enable User to log in to his account through the Website;
  b.  to recognize User during subsequent visits to the Website;
  c.  to collect information on the quality and effectiveness of the Website.
7.3.  Session cookies help User during the use of the Website. For instance, User is not required to fill in his log in information on each return visit to the Website.
7.4.  Using analytical cookies of Google, Topdeals4Travel collects and analyses information that is linked to the way in which visitors use the Website. This service of Google is named: Google Analytics.
7.5.  Session cookies and cookies that are necessary for the operation of the Website are placed without User’s consent. Analytical cookies are placed without the consent of User only if said cookies do not infringe or are minor infringements on User’s privacy.

Article 8.  Privacy policies of third parties
8.1.  This Privacy Statement does not apply to any websites of third parties that are connected to the Website by means of links. Topdeals4Travel accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the way in which said websites use personal data. For more information on the way in which said third parties use personal data and such User needs to refer to the privacy policy of the website concerned.

Article 9.  Modification
9.1.  Topdeals4Travel reserves the right to unilaterally modify this Privacy Statement. Modification of or additions to the Privacy Statement are published on the Website. Topdeals4Travel advises User to regularly check the Privacy Statement.

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