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  • October 2016 - March 2017

15. October 2016, 20:12

Bored? Get some adrenaline from the helicopter tour over Cotswolds!



Ever wondered how it feels like to fly? Try for yourself, with the helicopter tour over Cotswolds! Experience the magnificent views, and feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins! Cotswold Helicopter Sightseeing Tour will grant you all that, and more. For the discounted price, you'll get to observe Cotswolds from the bird's eye – silent villages, rolling countryside and even an ancient Roman town. It's a perfect idea for a day out, but can also be an original idea for a gift. Don't worry – all the chopper pilots are professionals, so there is no risk involved.

Cotswolds is simply one of the places you just can not forget, once you visit them. However, it's not only the beautiful sights that will impress you there, it's also the size. Cotswolds measure 790sq miles, meaning you could easily get lost if you set out to explore it unprepared. Let us give you some advice regarding the must-sees there.

If you want to stay in Cotswolds after your helicopter tour, start by booking a hotel. We suggest you to stay in the Kings Head Hotel. Located in the centre of Cirencester, it’s a great starting point of your Cotswolds exploration. Plus, it's just 3 minutes taxi drive away from The Cotswold Airport. All the rooms offer a 3-grade standard, which will make your stay plenty enjoyable.
Okay, now that you’ve got a place to stay, it’s time to explore the Cotswolds. Let’s start with the Corinium Museum. The main topic of this museum is the Roman Past of Cirencester, meaning you’ll get to see amazing 4th-century mosaics, a 2nd-century Jupiter column and more. Do not forget to see the Anglo-Saxon section while you’re there, it’s simply the best! Admission price is £5.20.
Let's fast forward a couple of years from the ancient Rome – now we're heading to the St John the Baptist's Church. This gem of architecture and history dates back to the year 1117 when the construction was started, and expanded gloriously through the years. The greatest treasure of this church is the Boleyn Cup, made for Anne Boleyn in 1535, one year before she was executed. And you just have to climb the glorious west tower, and enjoy the magnificent view on Cirencester! The low admission fee is certainly worth it.

Our last suggestion would be visiting the Stanway House. However, it’s on the opposite side of the Cotswolds, so you will have to catch a taxi to get you there, but it’s worth it. This beautiful Jacobean mansion will leave you speechless, especially after you’ve seen Britain’s tallest fountain, which is right there. The water erupts from the fountain to 300ft, which is a spectacular sight indeed – I’m sure your kids will love it. Admission price is £9.

By now you’re probably pretty hungry, which is perfectly understandable, considering the number of attractions you’ve visited. Why not drop by Lords of the Manor? The restaurant in this glamorous hotel got awarded a Michelin star in 2009 and continues to serve one of the finest dishes in England. The menu reflects the surrounding woodland, using premium, local ingredients. You just have to try their tasting menu, to truly taste the Cotswolds!

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